So sorry... this game is SOLD OUT 😢

Tidal Blades Deluxe bundle… stand by for launch!

This bundle includes the Deluxe version of the base game AND the Angler’s Cove expansion. Angler’s Cove adds a fifth character – Sagashi the Chameleon – and a new island board for the base game!

And rest assured… the deluxe base game I ordered already contains the Sagashi miniature and upgraded energy disks… so, your expansion will integrate seamlessly into your total UPSTART experience! And, the expansion bits fit into the main game box too! Wahhhhh!!! So dang sweet!! 🧁

I’ll confess…

I absolutely LOVE Tim Eisner’s games. There, I said it! I had the fortunate experience of being introduced to Tim at my first-ever BGG con (by a publisher I happened to randomly play a game with), and in addition to being an accomplished publisher of games I really love, he is as wonderful a human as you’ll ever meet! I am happy to say that I remain friends with both of these awesome people!  (Thank you Alex Flagg for the intro and for being a great friend!!)

Incidentally, I also met and became good friends with Randy Flynn (designer of Cascadia that was recently on Kickstarter) at that same con… also as a result of an Alex introduction. SUCH amazing memories!! I once flew to Seattle from Virginia just to attend a game night at Randy and Marleen’s place… and they let me stay the weekend with them to make things even easier! AMAZING people and great friends! OK.. OK… back to the write up. Sorry folks.. I just miss seeing my friends! I know you can relate… and I thank you for indulging me…

This game checks ALL the boxes!! 📦

Tim and Ben Eisner design ✔️

Unbelievable components ✔️

Mind-blowing Artwork by the dynamic Mr. Cuddington duo ✔️

James Hudson’s hair is awesome ✔️

OK… OK… I got carried away again. But his hair IS awesome! And I should mention that he is another wonderful person! I’ve had the pleasure of chatting with James at a number of cons and he is always friendly, helpful, warm, and kind. The team working on this game is incredible!

This game is already sitting near the very top of my absolutely best personal acquisitions!! Right  next to that painted Cleopatra and the Society of Architects premium set. This has been QUITE a month for me as a gamer! Levitation enabled! 🎉🎉

Component and insert BONANZA! Yee-haw!

I could go on and ON about the feel of this game from a components standpoint… but instead I will save you the continued raving and instead direct you to some unboxing videos so you can see for yourself…

The Meeple Monkey does a nice unboxing of the Deluxe Edition HERE.

And… the Angler’s Cove expansion (a 5th player expansion and an added island location) fits INSIDE the main game box – NICE! Now I know it will be hard to part with the actual Angler’s Cove box… believe me… I have the same problem.. haha. But, storing the ENTIRE game in one box is a nice touch!

Worker Placement meets Dice Management in an immersive world!

In an effort to get a bunch of new games loaded onto the site in time to fill orders before I head off on the annual family vacation… I will leave the game play description to an assortment of videos.

First up is a great how to play, and then play-through, by Jon… from Jon Gets Games. You can find the video HERE. One thing that is really nice about Jon’s videos is that you can literally replace a rules read with his videos… and not worry that you’ll be missing something! Solid!

Another solid video can be found HERE.  Becca Scott and the team at Game the Game are joined by James Hudson for a full play-through of the game!!

Final tide… 🌊

This is a fantastic, immersive, theme-filled wonder of worker placement and dice management – two of my favorite mechanics!! The quality is superb and the game play is rich and fun! Let’s face it… whatever I say is immaterial. You’ve heard of this game… and you already have a spot on your game shelf picked out for it. 😉😊

Game ON!

Ages: 14+
Players: 1 – 4 
Play Time: 60 – 90 minutes
SKU: Druid City 002
$200+ on eBay and other sites
at the time of this listing (NOV 2020)
Our Price: $145.25
Links to BGG:


So sorry... this game is SOLD OUT 😢


Tidal Blades: Heroes of the Reef – DELUXE!  Plus, the Angler’s Cove expansion! Game ON!

Welcome Heroes! Many magnificent contestants have signed up for the tournament but only a handful will be chosen to join the the Tidal Blades, the elite guards of our island realm. To succeed in the Tournament and be chosen as a Tidal Blade, you must compete in Challenges held in the 3 Arenas, rise to the top of the Champion’s Board, and protect the realm from the ever increasing threat of the Monsters from the mysterious Fold.

It has been fifteen years since the Great Battle; 15 years since the Arcanists from the Citadel of Time made their terrible choice and created the Fold; 15 years since the last assemblage of Tidal Blades. The Arcanists folded space and time to stop the onslaught of creatures from the depths, but now new Monsters have appeared, the hard-earned days of peace are coming to a close and the islands need protection. A tournament has been called, the Arenas are ready, the inhabitants of all the islands are gathering, and young heroes from across the realm are showing up to compete to be named a Tidal Blade: Hero of the Reef.

In Tidal Blades: Heroes of the Reef, each player takes the role of a young hero competing to be named a Tidal Blade. The tournament takes place over 5 Days and Nights. By gathering the needed resources, signing up to compete in Challenges and timing your arrival at different islands you can make the most of your Hero’s turns and rise in the ranks of the contestants.

Each day you will send your hero to take actions on the different Locations and to undertake Challenges. Each action will gain you the resource or effect listed on the action space as well as the Location bonus. At the Arenas you may then attempt a Challenge that matches your Location, and at the Fold you may battle a monster. Completing Challenges and fighting monsters will advance your character in the four traits of Focus, Spirit, Resilience and Synergy.

Each Tidal Blade will be judged at the end of the 5 rounds based on the Challenges they have completed, the level of each of their Traits, their standing on the Champions Board, and the monsters they have fought.

~Description from Publisher

Additional information
Weight 16.4 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 16 × 10 in

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