So sorry... this game is SOLD OUT 😢

Briefest Write-Ups continue… dark days of limited rambling ahead! ⛈️🌪️

Hello all! It has been a hectic and fun summer… and well… now it’s already fall?!?! Where is my life going? Anyway, existential crises aside, I just HAVE to get a ton of new stuff onto the site… and so… September and October 2023’s write-ups will be yet another smashing performance in my “shortest ever write-ups” tour! 🎸🎶

So sorry for the lack of poetic ramblings and video links and such! 😅

I’m doing the best I can…

“…and I guess my best wasn’t goooood enough” [thank you James Ingram and Quincy Jones… now I’m teary eyed…😉]

“Bundle” details?

This Upstart “bundle” includes the deluxe version of Trolls and Princesses – The Big Nose Edition.  And well, that’s it really. Hehe. Just the deluxe game.

Although I don’t have all that much time for my classic write-ups, I will at least say that this is a really FUN game!

Move over worker placement.. it’s time for worker “movement!” [See what I did there… 😉]

Seriously though… you are all aware that I am a huge fan of worker placement.. and Game Brewer… so this is a very natural fit for me! One of the byproducts of only carrying games that I think I will personally enjoy is that there is a LOT of crooning about how wonderful each and every game is… how sweet the wooden bits are… and how much I love the artwork. There are also awkwardly long sentences… ahem. 😬

Anyway, Trolls and Princesses: Big Nose Edition is no exception! Fantastic game play merges with SWEET screen printed wooden bits… and it is all presented on a delightful backdrop of whimsical artwork. This one is firing on all cylinders, and is a definite WIN for me! 😄

Of course, there’s no need to take me at my word. Check out the original campaign.. head over to their BGG listing… and if you think you’ll love it too… your copy is waiting for you here at Upstart. ☺️

Original campaign link!

You can visit the original campaign HERE to see all the juicy bits and what not. This is another WIN by Game Brewer! Fill your stein with a pint of ale… and set out to be the best Troll that you can be!

And, as always, if you have ANY questions.. please reach out! I am here to help! 😊

I’m usually available unless I’m driving, flying (usually in a plane) or asleep! 😅🚗✈️💤

Again… sooooo sorry everyone! I’ll get back in the swing at some point… argh! 🏴‍☠️😭

Exceptionally late-getting-up-today Upstart signing off! ❤️


Ages: 12+
Players: 2 – 4
Play Time: 90 – 120 minutes
SKU: Game Brewer 011
At the time of this listing (OCT 2023) this version
of the game was selling for $215 and up on
a variety of sites. The original KS price was €75.
Upstart Price: $99.25
Link to BGG:

So sorry... this game is SOLD OUT 😢


Trolls and PrincessesThe latest (as of OCT 2023) Game Brewer release is HERE!  And we all know how much I love Game Brewer… so there is no surprise at all.  😉 Trolls and Princesses – the Big Nose (deluxe) Edition! This game is a lot of fun… and the artwork and screen-printed wooden bits are fantastic! 🥰

Trolls are not big and stupid, as many would have you believe. Not long ago they lived among us and they used their cunning magic to look like us humans. They lived with their cattle in the mountains. Their caves were beautiful and luxurious with a lot of silver, gold, gems, and a table full of delicious food. In Sweden, there is an expression for this “Rich as a troll”.

Trolls were not evil if you didn’t treat them badly, they could even be helpful to those who treated them well. But they often played tricks on humans. Their magic power (trollkraft) could distort the vision of humans so the troll looked like a human, an animal, a log, and a stone and even become invisible. But they also had some weaknesses. They couldn’t stand the sounds of church bells or steel, not to mention the sight of sun.

Trolls & Princesses is a “worker movement” game. You play as one of four troll clans and to get the mountains king’s favour, you try to impress him. The players get favour (in the form of victory points) when they do what trolls usually do: swap changelings, “hire” humans, tear down church bells, kidnap princesses, build their cave, and use troll magic. To succeed, the players must collect resources and move around their trolls to do different actions. The player with the most victory points at the end can crown himself the ultimate troll clan leader.

—description from publisher

Additional information
Weight 9.1 lbs
Dimensions 13 × 13 × 5 in

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