Yucatan is HERE!!! Sooooooo juicy! 🍊

Quick update (posted 20 AUG): The creative team for Yucatan has provided a link to the new and improved English rule book.  You can find the document HERE. Please reach out to me if you have any questions!

When I was backing this incredible new release by the designer of Kemet, I wrestled with whether to just get the all-in pledges or to also get some extra expansions and playmats for people who might have just gotten the base game from the original campaign. This is always a struggle for me. I’ve tried buying extra KS exclusives in the past as Upstart supporters had asked for them with other listings… and they moved slowly. Other times, I didn’t get the extra KS goodies and everyone seemed to be asking for them. Haha. Like most of this shop… it’s a gamble. 😅🎰

But, I could not resist getting the extra gear for this one… so we shall see how it goes!

So, what did you get, Drew? 🙄 Focus! 

OK… there are two bundles up for grabs here.

The first is the Yucatan All-In pledge from the campaign. This bundle includes a ton of sweet gear!!

The bundle is comprised of the following items:

  • Yucatan: Base Game
  • Yucatan: Stretch Goals
  • Yucatan: 5/6 Player Expansion
  • Yucatan: Solo Expansion
  • Yucatan: Playmat
  • Yucatan: Sleeves

The second bundle does NOT include the base game… and is comprised of the 5/6 player expansion, the solo mode expansion, and the playmat.

Two years from now when all of these are still available on the site, I will shake my head and think, “some day I will learn.. some day.” 🥹😆

Anyway… Maaaataaagoootttt!!!  Always SO DARN GOOD!

There… I said it!

Now where were we. 

Time to quickly list the original campaign link and get on to the next listing…

If you’d like to take a peek at the original Kickstarter to see if you really missed anything at all… hehe… the campaign can be found HERE.

Choices… choices!!!  Arrrrgh!

I already have Kemet… and sure, there have been some serious battles on (and off) the game board with that one.. hehe… but, we always come back to it because it is just THAT good!

Yucatan… same designer (well, one of the designers from Kemet anyway)… and clearly another instant classic. We all know we need this in our libraries… we just have to decide if now is the time to grab a copy. The gamers dilemma. So many games!! SO little time (and money)! 😢

As always, thank you for the ongoing support, your patience with my sometimes-lame write-ups… and well… just for being good eggs! You all are what makes having Upstart in my life a clear WIN! ❤️😊

Ages: 14+
Players: 2 – 4 (but also solo and 5 and 6 players – with the included expansions)
Play Time: 90 minutes – no more and no less! Let’s keep it civil, folks! 😉
Publisher: Matagot
SKU: Matagot 002 (ALL IN and ONLY EXPS AND PLAYMAT options)
At the time of this listing (JULY 2023) the All-in bundle was selling
for $199+ on eBay, and the only expansions/playmat bundle doesn’t
appear to be outthere.. so I am selling it for the Kickstarter price of $65
Our Price: All-in Bundle – $149.25 — Only the exps and playmat Bundle – $65.00
Link to BGG: Yucatan




Yucatan Yucatan is HERE! Another instant classic from Matagot and the co-designer of Kemet – Guillaume Montiage! Yessssssss please!!! 🎉

In Yucatan, you are the leader of a Mayan city. You have promised your people to win the favors of the Gods, and their fate is in your hands. Send your warlords to capture enemies, increase your might with every season of the sacred calendar, and sacrifice your prisoners to the Mayan gods to ensure your dominance.

Your warlords will become more and more formidable, your city more and more glorious, but your opponents do the same, so enlisting the help of the mythological creatures and heroes will be necessary to try to restore with blood, the energy of your gods.

In this game, your goal is to capture prisoners, and the Yucatan peninsula is your playground. Prepare for four seasons of fierce fighting. At the end of each season, you will ritually sacrifice captured enemies to gain reputation, but be careful because the gods are demanding: Each of your sacrifices must be more glorious than the last. Each decision matters in the subtle balance required to make your city the glorious and eternal sanctuary of the mighty Mayan gods.

—description from the publisher

Additional information
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Yucatan All-In bundle – Yucatan Base Game Kickstarter Edition with all stretch goals, 5-6 player expansion, Solo game mode expansion, sleeves, and playmat, Only the expansions and playmat – NO BASE GAME/SLEEVES – includes the 5-6 player expansion, the solo game mode expansion, and the playmat


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